Paragraph group

Provides four alternatives for handling end of paragraph:

  • Normal paragraph end — ends the current paragraph with no special handling.

  • Bind to following paragraph — ensure that the last paragraph in this block is on the same page (or in a multi-column layout, in the same column) as the next paragraph. For example, you would set this option to keep a caption or title on the same page as the next paragraph.

  • Merge with following paragraph — causes the following element to be appended to the current element to form a single paragraph. See the following section for details.

  • Consolidate space below — whenever paragraphs are being vertically spread to fill a page, the excess space will be distributed below paragraphs with this option set in equal proportions. Useful for spacing out the ends of paragraph groups in preference to normal paragraphs.

    [Note] Note

    The maximum amount of space that can be distributed in this way is controlled by the <page-properties> command.