Defining and selecting mappings

The user interface for the Mapping Editor is shown in the following graphic.

Mappings are displayed in a list in the left pane of the window, grouped under the different types. The groups can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the “+” or “-” icons.

To adjust or inspect the styling properties applied by a mapping select it by clicking on it in the list. The properties applied by that mapping are indicated within the styling tabs displayed in the right pane.

An icon next to the mapping name indicates its status:

  • indicates a mapping that has not been changed.

  • indicates that the mapping has changes that have not been saved.

  • indicates that the mapping has been modified in this editing session.

  • indicates a mapping that has been added.

  • indicates a mapping that has been disabled and will not be included in the stylesheet. The name of a disabled mapping is shown in italic.

By default tag and custom mappings are grouped by target tag and displayed in order of priority and precedence (higher priority/precedence first). The General preferences dialog has an option to display mappings in alphabetical order by name.

Modifications to mappings must be saved before they can be used in composition. To save changes select File » Save or type Ctrl+S.