Creating a new mapping

Every tag or custom marker mapping is defined in terms of the following selection criteria:

These criteria are used by TopLeaf when determining which mapping rule is applied when a tag is processed. All mappings must declare a context. In the simplest case, the context identifies the name of the tag or custom marker being mapped. The declaration of an attribute selector, or a particular tag occurrence or page context is optional — these allow you to define mappings that target more specific tag instances.

To create a mapping, select Edit » New mapping... or type Insert to open the New mapping dialog:

Fill in the selection criteria fields then press OK. You can then specify the styling characteristics for the new mapping.

You can also select Edit » Copy mapping.... This has the effect of selecting the current mapping in the Based on field.

An alternative method for creating mappings is to use the Mapping Assistant to select elements from your data.

[Note] Note

Tag and attribute names must be declared using name characters defined within the US-ASCII subset of the XML name character space.