Leaf and partition indicators

The content of a leaf or partition indicator can be assigned to a user variable using the command

<set var="VAR" indicator="[SOURCE:]NAME" />

where the optional SOURCE qualifier declares the indicator source:

  • PARTITION — declares that the named indicator is a partition indicator;

  • LEAF — declares that the named indicator is a leaf indicator.

and NAME specifies the indicator name. If SOURCE is not specified, then leaf is assumed.

The indicator name has the format TYPEINDEX where TYPE is a single character in the range A-Z, and INDEX, is an integer in the range 1-32,000. The indicator type is not case sensitive.

The following examples shows how to assign a variable with the value of a partition or leaf indicator:

<set var="DefaultAuthor" indicator="partition:A1" />
<set var="LeafAuthor" indicator="leaf:A1" />
<set var="LeafAuthor" indicator="A1" />

Examples 2 and 3 will produce identical results.

The value of a leaf indicator can be assigned only when processing a looseleaf partition. An attempt to assign the value of a leaf indicator in any other context will generate a warning.