The <space/> command

Generates an interword space.

Where allowed

Any mapping other than $document or $headfoot



Specifies a measure defining the width of the space. If not specified, the width of a standard interword space is assumed.


Specifies whether the space can be used as a potential line break point as follows:

  • If no, the space always appears and cannot be used as a line break;

  • If yes, the space will appear unless it is used as a line break.

If not specified, the default is no.


  • <space/> is a standard width non-breaking space (equivalent to &nbsp;).

  • <space breakable="yes"/> is a standard interword space (U+0020).

  • <space width="4pc"/> is a 4 pica non-breaking space.

  • <space width="0" breakable="yes"/> is a zero width breakpoint.