The <fill/> command

Generates a space fill or a fill consisting of one or more visible characters.

Where allowed

Any mapping other than $document or $headfoot



The fill character. A fill consists of a set of characters wide enough to fill any unallocated space on a line. Note that if there are multiple fills — of any type — on a line the available space is distributed evenly between each fill.

The value assigned to this attribute must be a single character. If not specified, a space (U+0020) is assumed, and a space fill is generated.


The minimum number of characters in the fill. If not specified, then the default is 0

While the min-reps attribute defaults to 0, it is usual to set it to some small value (such as 3) to ensure that at least some filler appears.


  • <fill/> generates a space fill.

  • Amount payable:<fill string="*"/>$169.95 gives the following: