The <leaf-properties/> command

This command assigns properties to the current leaf when processing a full looseleaf partition.

Where allowed

Within a data block or the $document mapping.

Range of effect

The current leaf group or section.



Declares a prefix string (including any trailing separator character) that identifies a leaf section. When this is used it must occur before any content for the first page of the section is processed. If this option is never specified, then leaf group gapping is assumed.

A leaf section prefix must:

  • consist only of characters within the US-ASCII character set

  • contain a maximum of 32 characters.

  • only be declared within a full looseleaf partition that does not specify leaf group gapping.

The same section prefix may be issued more than once within the same leaf section.

A leaf section remains in force until a new section prefix is declared or until the end of the document, whichever comes first.


Issues a request to automatically include either the current leaf group or section, or all subsequent leaf groups or sections. Including all leaves in a leaf group or section will automatically renumber the leaves in that group or section. By default, only those leaves that have been changed or manually included will be marked for inclusion in a release. Permitted values for this option are group, section or all.

Declaring <leaf-properties include="all" /> from within the $document mapping will force a renumber of all leaf groups or sections.