The <image-info/> command

The <image-info/> command resolves the dimensions of an image using an optionally define width, depth, scale, and rotation. The resolved image dimensions are held in the system variables {image-width} and {image-depth}.

The command format is:

<image-info file="NAME" width="WIDTH" depth="DEPTH"
            scale="SCALE" rot="ROT"
            minimum-dpi="MINDPI" default-dpi="DEFDPI" />

where :

  • NAME is the full pathname of the image file.

  • The WIDTH and DEPTH set a limit on the resolved horizontal and vertical dimensions of the graphic (see below).

  • The value of SCALE specifies a scaling factor as a percentage (ranging from 10% to 1600%). The scaling factor is used to effectively increase the resolved size of the graphic (see below).

  • The value of ROT controls the rotation (in an anti-clockwise direction) of the graphic. Its value is an integer that specifies a number of degrees.

  • The value of DEFDPI sets the resolution (number of dots per inch) of a graphic that does not specify a resolution. This value is used to specify a resolution when TopLeaf creates a bitmap version of a vector graphic.

  • The MINDPI sets a limit on the size of a bitmap graphic as described below.

When called, this command sets the following system variables:

  • {image-height} — the resolved height of the image expressed in decipoints.

  • {image-width} — the resolved width of the image expressed in decipoints.

For a PDF image information is returned about the first page.