The <content-properties/> command

The <content-properties/> command applies content-specific properties. The command format is:

<content-properties security-level="VAL" diff-level="DIFF" />

where :

  • VAL specifies a content level for all content contained within the current element. The content level assigns a rank from 0 (the default) through to 9 (the highest) that can be used by the TopLeaf PDF builder to exclude content from generated PDF documents. You can also use the content level to force TopLeaf to ignore content when comparing pages for output differences.

    The content level comes into effect when called and lasts until the end of the current element. So for example if called at the end of the pre-content customisation, the command would apply to the content of the current element (and its descendants).

    The content level for margin rules is set with the <marginrule-properties> command.

  • DIFF sets the level above which content will be ignored when comparing pages for output differences. It may have any value from 0 to 9 inclusive. This overrides the Ignore output changes above content level value set in the partition properties.

    This value must only be set in the $document mapping. Setting it in any other context may lead to unpredictable results.

[Note] Note

You do not need to scan the content of an element in order to set the content properties for that element.