The <bookmark-properties/> command

This command sets options for PDF bookmarks. It can be used to control whether bookmarks are created automatically for any mapping that creates a level in the table of contents.

The options set by this command apply to all subsequently-generated bookmarks (both automatic and manual). When bookmarks are being generated automatically, this command may be used in the pre-content customisation to control the generation of the bookmark. Note however that options set in this way will apply to all subsequent bookmarks unless explicitly reset.

The following table lists the command options and the values they may take.

Option Values Default Description
mode “auto” or “manual” “auto” In automatic mode, bookmarks are created whenever a level is created in the table of contents. In manual mode, bookmarks are only created by the <bookmark> command.
openlevel 0 – 9 0

A bookmark can either be open (showing its children bookmarks) or closed. This controls the open/closed state of bookmarks when the PDF is opened.

Bookmarks whose level is less than the value of openlevel will be initially open (top-level bookmarks have a level of one). The default value of zero means that all bookmarks are initially closed.

style “normal”, “bold”, “italic” or “bolditalic” “normal” Sets the font style for bookmark text.
color A color as described in “Colors” black Sets the color for bookmark text.
zoom “fit”, “fith”, “fitb”, “fitbh” or “none” “none” Sets the default value of the zoom parameter of the <bookmark> command.
remove One or more tag names, separated by spaces none

Each tag name specifies an element whose content is to be removed when creating the bookmark text. This does not affect text assigned to the table of contents.

For example, say you have elements called <idx1> and <idx2> that contain information to be extracted into an index. To prevent the text in these elements from appearing in bookmarks, use:

  remove="idx1 idx2"/>