Looseleaf variables

The {release-label} variable

This variable contains the string value for the partition release label. The partition release string is declared from the TopLeaf GUI Label this release dialog or the <release-properties/> directive. If you do not declare a release label, then the default value is the partition release number, formatted as a three digit string.

[Note] Note

If you use a manual leaf split to import a set of leaf boundaries from an existing looseleaf service, TopLeaf creates a baseline set of published pages for those leaves each time the first update release is typeset.

The following restrictions apply to references to the {release-label} variable when creating the baseline published page set:

  • The value identifies the release label declared within each initial leaf boundary;

  • All references must be from within the context of a header or footer block;

  • The release label cannot be referenced within user definable controls in the Mapping Editor, or as an argument within a custom content command. This includes assigning the value of the release label to a user variable.

The {published-release-label} variable

The TopLeaf release management system maintains an update phase and a published phase for each partition. This variable contains the string value of the published release label. In a mainwork, a reference to this variable always returns an empty string.

The {release-number} variable

This variable contains the partition release number.