The <debug/> command

Sometimes a job is just not doing what you expect, and it's not obvious what the problem is. You can run your whole job in debug mode by clicking the debug button. However in a large job this can produce an enormous log file. To avoid this, you can switch debugging on and off in your mappings. The general form of the command is:

<debug level="LEV" first="FP" last="LP"/>

where LEV is either on (the default) or off; FP is the page number to begin debugging (default, switch on immediately); and LP is the page number after which debugging is switched off (default, never switch off).

This command enables you to switch on debugging at a specific point, or to enable it only during a particular mapping. This reduces the size of the log file, and targets the log messages to the area of interest.

For example, to switch debugging on only during a particular mapping put <debug/> in the pre-content customisation and <debug level="off"/> in the post-content customisation. To debug only pages 28 thru 42 use the following:

<debug first="28" last="42"/>