List of commands

The following table lists the commands that may be used within custom content.

Command Summary Where Defined
<binding-properties/> Set binding properties “The <binding-properties/> command”
<bookmark> … </bookmark> Create a PDF bookmark “The <bookmark> command”
<bookmark-properties /> Set default options for PDF bookmarks “The <bookmark-properties/> command”
<break /> Line break “The <break/> command”
<cancel-bind /> Cancel an active binding (for example, bind to following, or bind element content) “The <cancel-bind/> command”
<case> … </case> One of the possible choices within a <switch> command “The <switch>..<case> command”
<cell-properties /> Sets properties for a table cell “The <cell-properties/> command”
<content /> Scanned content (includes any markup) “Content”
<content-properties/> Sets content specific properties “The <content-properties/> command”
<date/> Inserts an output date string “The <date/> command”
<debug /> Control debug information in the composition log “The <debug/> command”
<dictionary/> Load a hyphenation exception dictionary “The <dictionary/> command”
<dita-properties/> Enable extra processing for DITA User Guide: DITA processing
<end-column/> Move to the top of the following column/page “The <end-column/> command”
<fill /> Generate a fill in the output “The <fill/> command”
<float>...</float> Declare a float object “The <float> command”
<float-properties/> Set properties for float objects “The <float-properties/> command”
<folio/> The page folio “The <folio/> command”
<font-properties/> Assign one or more font characteristics “The <font-properties/> command”
<fontmask-properties/> Assign one or more font mask characteristics “The <fontmask-properties/> command”
<format/> Format one or more numbers “The <format/> command”
<headfoot-properties/> Sets header / footer properties “The <headfoot-properties/> command”
<hyphenation/> Sets hyphenation parameters “The <hyphenation/> command”
<if> … </if> Process content if a condition is satisfied “The <if> command”
<image-info/> Resolves the dimensions of an image “The <image-info/> command”
<image-properties/> Set options for image processing “The <image-properties/> command”
<import/> Import a page from an external PDF document “The <import/> command”
<index-sorter/> Sets parameters for the generated index sorter User Guide: Index sorting
<leaf-properties/> Sets leaf specific properties for a section based full looseleaf style sheet “The <leaf-properties/> command”
<leaf-settings /> Sets default settings for a full looseleaf style sheet “The <leaf-settings/> command”
<link-folio/> The ‘next page is’ link folio identifier (full looseleaf only) “The <link-folio/> command”
<linkline-properties/> Set the link line formatting preferences for a full looseleaf partition. “The <linkline-properties/> command”
<log /> Write a message to the composition log “The <log/> command”
<marginrule /> Draw a change marker “The <marginrule/> command”
<marginrule-properties /> Declare margin rule properties “The <marginrule-properties/> command”
<meta /> Set a metadata property “Metadata properties”
<named-target/> Create a named target in the PDF “The <named-target/> command”
<note-properties /> Declare sidenote, page footnote or column footnote properties “The <note-properties/> command”
<page-info /> Get information about the current page “The <page-info/> command”
<page-properties /> Set properties for the current page “The <page-properties/> command”

<perl-use />

<perl-call />

<perl-arg />


Interface to Perl language extension “Perl extensions”
<pimap/> Declare a mapping for a processing instruction “Processing instructions”
<read /> Include an external file “The <read/> command”
<readgen /> Extract and include a generated file “The <readgen/> command”
<release-properties/> Sets release specific properties “The <release-properties/> command”
<rotate-text/> Rotate a text string “The <rotate-text/> command”
<row-properties /> Sets properties for a table row “The <row-properties/> command”
<rule /> Insert a rule (horizontal or vertical line) into the output “The <rule/> command”
<segment-properties/> Sets page segment properties “The <segment-properties/> command”
<set /> Set a variable “The <set/> command”
<skip-leftpage /> Force to a right-hand page “The <skip-leftpage/> command”
<space /> Insert a space into the output “The <space/> command”
<stack /> Set a variable within the current mapping; the original value is restored when the mapping is complete “Stacking”
<switch> … </switch> Select one of a number of choices “The <switch>..<case> command”
<table-body /> Custom table — introduce body “table-body”
<table-cell> ... </table-cell> Custom table — new cell “table-cell”
<table-column /> Custom table — define column “table-column”
<table-emit /> Custom table — emit finished table “table-emit”
<table-head /> Custom table — introduce header “table-head”
<table-nextrow /> Custom table — row separator “table-nextrow”
<table-properties /> Sets advanced table style properties “The <table-properties/> command”
<table-start /> Custom table — start new table “table-start”
<telltale /> Emit one of the data telltales “The <telltale/> command”
<text-properties /> Set the language, text direction and wordbreak style “The <text-properties/> command”
<topleaf-properties /> Sets properties that control TopLeaf mappings “The <topleaf-properties/> command”
<topleaf-version /> Insert the TopLeaf version number “The <topleaf-version/> command”
<while> … </while> Repeat content while a condition is satisfied “The <while> command”
<xmlns/> Declare a namespace for XML fragment processing “XML fragment processing”
<xmlproc/> Extract content from an XML fragment “XML fragment processing”