Adding or editing custom content

The custom tab contains one or two text areas for entering custom content. The appearance of these can be configured with the Custom preferences... dialog.

The following actions can be performed by clicking the buttons above the area or by using the right-click menu.

Insert code

This is invoked by the button or by the F9 key.

It opens a dialog that lists the available commands and system variables. For a command you can also select one or more arguments to be added.

Select the command or variable and press Insert to add the code at the current insertion point. You can also double-click an item to insert it.

When a command is selected you can use the Help button to display the documentation for the command.

By default the dialog is closed when a command or variable is inserted. Press the pin button to keep the dialog open until the Close button is used.

New window

This is invoked by the button or by the F10 key.

It opens a new window to allow you to view or modify the content.


This is invoked by the button or by the F11 key.

It checks the content for validity and reports any syntax errors found. It will also highlight any space characters that will be processed as text content if this option is enabled in the Custom preferences... dialog.