Assigning TOC levels

TopLeaf supports up to nine TOC (Table Of Contents) levels. These will appear automatically as PDF bookmarks (unless the bookmark-properties command has been used to disable this feature, or bookmarks are disabled in the PDF profile being used). You can use the <readgen/> directive to automatically extract and include a Table of Contents. Alternatively, you can set a partition property that instructs TopLeaf to automatically extract the Table of Contents to a specified XML document each time the partition is composed or published. See the User Guide for details.

Each entry will consist of the content of the element being mapped (including the content of any sub-elements). Any internal markup will be preserved in the file output, but will be stripped from the PDF bookmark (see the remove option in the bookmark-properties command). The file output will tag each contents level separately, so the levels can be appropriately formatted.

Note that the Table of Contents entry must correspond exactly to the content of the current element. If this is not the case (say the text is in the form of an attribute, or if you have to combine the content of several elements) then you must set up a custom marker that is invoked with the required content. See Custom tab for details.

[Warning] Warning

The length (text only) of a PDF bookmark must not exceed 126 characters. Restricting the length to 32 characters ensures maximum portability.

Character entities within a PDF bookmark will be resolved where possible. All other entities will be discarded.