Text display preferences

Select View » Text preferences... to control the operation of the text view.

The Text limit field is used to control how much of the document is read. If this is too large the assistant may respond slowly or may exceed the limit of available memory.

The Font size scale value can be used to increase of decrease the size of the displayed text. A value of 100 displays the text at the size specified by the stylesheet.

Select a value from Use typeface to use a single typeface for the text display, overriding the typeface selected by the mappings.

The Select highlight color is used for the background of the content contained in the current element.

The Find highlight color is used for the background of text after a successful search.

The Lightest color is used to make text visible against a white background. Any text with a color closer to white will be displayed with this color.

The Image/note view setting determines what action opens the pop-up viewer for an image or note reference button.

The Show image thumbnails setting determines whether the image buttons contain thumbnail versions of the target image. Disabling this may reduce the amount of memory required for the document.

The Reset to defaults button sets all values to their defaults.