Locating mappings

To locate the mapping that applies the style for a piece of text, click on the text in the right pane.

The lowest-level element that contains the text will be selected, and the content it contains will be highlighted. Note that this will include any content in its child elements.

The node icon indicates the type of mapping:

  • indicates that no mapping was selected for this element.

  • indicates a block or list item mapping.

  • indicates an inline mapping.

  • indicates a label mapping.

  • indicates that the mapping does not exist; this could occur if the mapping was deleted after the composition run.

When a mapping is selected it is displayed in the Mapping Editor. To bring the editor to the foreground so you can examine or modify the mapping you can do any of the following:

  • select Edit » Edit mapping;

  • right-click the mapping name and press ;

  • double-click the mapping name.

To see the effect of changing the mapping select File » Reload data or press F5 to update the content display. If you have changed the mapping selection fields you may need to compose the data using the main workstation window first.