Creating mappings

You can create a new mapping that will match an element in the data by selecting the element in the left pane and doing one of the following:

  • select Edit » Create mapping

  • right-click the mapping name and press ;

  • if the element has no matching mapping, double-click the element name.

The following dialog will appear:

The name of the mapping to be created is shown at the bottom of the dialog. The name of the selected element is always present. The Tag in context, Attribute selector and Occurrence fields can be used to make the mapping more specific. For more information, see the corresponding fields in the New mapping dialog.

The OK button is only enabled if the mapping described by the fields does not already exist. Click this to create the mapping and display the Mapping Editor so its properties can be entered.

The Tag in context shows the selected element and all of its ancestors in the document. Checking a box includes the corresponding element in the mapping selection. When processing a DITA document the ancestor items may contain several names, corresponding to the inheritance contained in the class attribute.

The Attribute selector allows you to add a selection for an attribute in the selected element or either of its immediate two ancestors.

The Based on selector allows you to copy properties from an existing mapping into the new mapping. This will default to the mapping applied to the selected element, if any.

To see the effect of the new mapping in the content display compose the data using the main workstation window and select File » Reload data or press F5.