Setting indicators

Indicators are a facility for holding text that can be rendered on pages of the output without being included in the data. For an explanation of how to set partition indicators see “Indicators”. The menu item Commands » Indicators opens the Indicators dialog with which you can set Default Leaf Indicators for the partition. In full looseleaf, the composition engine will copy the default leaf indicators to each new leaf created in a release. In a mainwork, the default leaf indicators are assigned to all leaves. In an update, the default leaf indicators are assigned only to new leaves generated as a result of changes to the partition content. See “Indicators” for more details.

Next partition indicators

The indicators Link ID and Link Folio declare the link line value generated at the end of a partition. In a publication that consists of several partitions, this will normally identify the starting page for the next partition in the sequence.

The values of these indicators are accessed from a full looseleaf link line using the system command <link-folio>

Leaf indicators

Once a full looseleaf partition has been typeset, the user can access properties for individual leaves through the menu Page » Leaf Properties…. This opens a dialog which includes an area where Leaf Indicators can be set. Leaf indicators are labeled text strings that are stored by TopLeaf as properties of the associated leaf. They can also be set with the TopLeaf API. These indicators function in the same way as partition indicators as described above.