Changing the stylesheet

Care must be taken when applying stylesheet changes to a looseleaf publication because they can have a significant effect on every page of a document.

The impact of a style change depends on both the type of change and the selected looseleaf options. Changes can be of three basic types:

  • Adding mappings for new elements, or new element/attribute combinations is generally safe. This is because the new mappings have never been called from the existing material, and so they will only affect new or updated content.

  • Changing mappings which are called infrequently is safe if done with care. In a change pages publication, any pages affected by the change (to the end of the section) will need to be re-issued. In full looseleaf publications where output checking is not enabled, changes to mappings will only affect pages associated with leaves that contain modified content. If you want the changes to the mappings to affect any other leaves in the update then these leaves must be manually included.

  • Changing mappings which have global effect (e.g. changing font size or page layout) should generally be avoided. Such changes will often result in a complete re-issue of change pages jobs and also full looseleaf jobs with output checking enabled. In full looseleaf publications where output checking is not enabled, the modified styles will not by themselves force pages to be re-issued. But in subsequent releases, changes to the source material will cause all modified leaves to be re-issued in the new format. This will result in mixed-format releases, with the percentage of new format leaves increasing over time. Whether this is acceptable will depend on the requirements of the publication compared with the cost of issuing a full reprint.