Exporting the partition leaf list

You can use the TopLeaf API to export the partition leaf list as an <tl:leaf.list> XML document. The exported document declares the input changed status and manual inclusion status for each leaf in the partition, as shown in the following example:

<tl:leaf.list name="PartitionName" >
 <tl:leaf folio="1"   relnum="3" relstr="01/09/17" include="1" />
 <tl:leaf folio="3"   relnum="3" relstr=”01/09/17" changed="1" />
 <tl:leaf folio="3.1" relnum="1" relstr="Initial"   />
 <tl:leaf folio="5"   relnum="0" relstr="Initial"  include="1" />
 <tl:leaf folio="7"   relnum="0" relstr="Initial"   />

Attributes in each <tl:leaf/> declare characteristics for a single leaf:

Attribute Type Meaning
folio String Identifies the leaf to which the status applies.
relnum Integer The TopLeaf release number in which the leaf was last changed or included.
relstr String A release label that identifies the release in which the leaf was last changed or included
changed Integer 1 (input changed). If not specified, then the leaf is not input changed.
include Integer 1 (soft include), or 2 (hard include). If not specified, then the leaf has not been manually included.