Manual leaf inclusion using the TopLeaf API

You can use the TopLeaf API to assign the leaf inclusion status for one or more leaves declared in a manual inclusion <tl:leaf.list>. In the following example, a manual inclusion leaf list specifies that leaves 3, 3.1 are to be included, and the inclusion status for leaf 5 is to be cleared:

 <tl:leaf folio="3"   include="1" />
 <tl:leaf folio="3.1" include="1" />
 <tl:leaf folio="5"   include="0" />

An easy way to create a manual inclusion leaf list is to edit a previously exported partition leaf list.


The following restrictions apply when using a leaf inclusion list to manually include one or more leaves:

  • The leaf inclusion status for partition leaves that are not specified remains unaltered.

  • You cannot use a manual inclusion leaf list to modify the input changed status or conditional inclusion status of a leaf.

[Warning] Warning

Although the manual inclusion leaf list file uses a syntax that is compatible with XML, it is not read using a full XML parser. Do not put anything other than tags and comments in this file, and only use ASCII characters.