Link lines

A link line identifies a gap in a full looseleaf page numbering sequence. TopLeaf automatically generates link lines at the end of a leaf group or section, at the end of a run of point pages, or at the end of a partition. Link lines are a natural consequence of page gapping, but they can also occur when leaves are removed or inserted into a document.

Position and style

By default, link lines are positioned within a linkline fixed block defined in each page type of your layout. The fixed block link line style is applied from the linkline header/footer mapping.

Alternatively, link lines may be positioned within a data block. The style of a data block link line is applied from a user defined custom marker mapping.

See the Mapping Guide — <linkline-properties/> command for more information.


The content of a link line is usually a single line message such as: The next page is .... A link line can reference the folio of the front page of the following leaf by including the <link-folio/> directive within the link line custom content.

In publications that consist of more than one partition, the Link ID and Link Folio partition indicators declare the link information between the last page of a partition and the first page of the following partition.