Data Details

The Data tab shows information relating to data and associated blocks:

The Inherit data from template checkbox is only enabled if this page type has a template. When checked, the data area size and position is copied from the template and cannot be changed.

The Mirror margins checkbox allows you to modify how the position of the data area is specified. It is only enabled if the page type has different layouts for left and right pages (Double sided is selected) and there is no page mirroring selected. If the page orientation is Portrait, mirroring is done for the left and right margins; if it is Landscape it is done for the top and bottom margins. For more information, see “Block Mirroring”.

The data area size and position can be changed using the Data Area fields as described in “Entering Dimensions”.

By default, the blocks within the data area are automatically created using a number of values as described below.

You can choose to manually modify the size and position of the data area blocks by turning off the Automatic Data Layout option in the Edit menu. With the manual mode selected, you cannot alter the fields that control data block creation, nor can you change between single and double-sided page mode.

If automatic mode is subsequently selected, the existing blocks in the data area will be removed and new blocks will be created.