The Crop Area

The crop area does not affect the way data is placed on the page. It is intended for publications where the final size of the paper is smaller than the paper that is initially printed. In other words, the paper is cropped after printing to remove the unwanted parts.

There are two cases where cropping is useful:

  • The publication will be produced on a non-standard paper size. In this case it is usually more economical to print on a larger standard size and crop to the final size.

  • The publication requires bleeds which extend to the edge of the paper. Most printing devices cannot print to the edge of the paper because of physical restrictions on paper handling.

The crop area is a rectangle within the print area. It appears with a broken border when selected. The Crop Area tab on the Page tab allows you to show and set its dimensions.

This tab also contains the Draw crop marks checkbox. When this is ticked lines are drawn at the corners of the crop area for reference. Press the Style... button to change the way the crop marks are draw as discussed below.

The PDF profile has an option to use the crop area to set one of the PDF page boundaries.