Crop Mark Style

Crop marks are drawn by placing a pair of lines to indicate each corner of the crop area. Each pair of lines is usually drawn so that they do not meet; this is done to allow for registration errors when the page is cut.

Crop mark lines are controlled by three parameters:


The maximum length of the line.


The distance between the end of the line and the edge of the crop area. A gap of zero means that the two lines will meet at the corner of the crop area.


The thickness of the line.


Selects whether the crop marks appear on both page sides, or the left or right side only.

The values under Style for all page types apply to all page types that don't specify a specific crop mark style.

To set a style that only applies to the current page type, check the Style for this page type only box and enter the values.

If the page type has a template the crop mark style defined by the template is always used.