Expanding the Print Area

All blocks must be within the region defined by the print area block. In some cases you may need to expand the print area so you can accommodate a new or modified block. Since blocks can be repositioned when their parent block changes, this may be inconvenient if you want to leave the existing blocks unchanged.

It is possible to modify the print area without changing any existing blocks. This is referred to as pinning the blocks within the print area. There are two methods for achieving this.

  • When modifying the print area by dragging one of its borders, hold down the Shift key as well as Ctrl.

  • When entering dimensions you can select Pin child blocks before entering the new values. This is only available if both the width and height are selected as the dependent fields.

Note that the child blocks must fit within the print area even when they are pinned. This means that reducing the size of the print area can cause child blocks to be reduced as well.

Resizing the print area in this way is treated as a special change and not recorded in the undo list.