Using the Mouse

To change a block using the mouse you must first select it as described in “Selecting A Block”. You can then change the block by holding down the control key (Ctrl) and clicking and dragging the mouse.

To move a block, move the mouse pointer within the block (while holding down Ctrl) then click and drag the block to a new position. The mouse pointer will change to when the mouse is at a point which allows you to move the block.

To change the size of a block, move the pointer to one of its edges (with Ctrl pressed) and drag it. The mouse pointer will change to or when you can click and drag the edge. You can also drag a corner of the block if the pointer appears as or .

See “Expanding the Print Area” for more information on resizing the print area this way.

If the block is thin, it may not be possible to resize by selecting an edge, because the edges are too close together. Use the detail display fields to resize blocks if they can’t be resized with the mouse.

Changing the size of a fixed rule is slightly different, since you cannot change the rule thickness using the mouse. To change the rule thickness enter a value into the appropriate detail field as described below.