Creating a New Block

Any number of fixed blocks and fixed rules can be created and placed anywhere within the print area. Data and note blocks must lie within the data area and are created using the controls on the Data tab as described in “Automatic Data Block Creation”.

To create a fixed block or fixed rule select Add block... from the Edit menu or press the Insert key. The following dialog will appear:

Enter a name for the block and select its type from the drop-down list, then press OK. The name can contain only letters, digits and the characters ‘.’, ‘:’, ‘_’ and ‘-’. The name must be not be the same as an existing block in the page type, and may not be longer than 32 characters. Note that the name linkline is special and indicates that the block is used to display a link line; don’t use this name for ordinary fixed blocks.

The mouse pointer changes to when you move the mouse to a position on the page type display where the new block can be placed. Click and release the mouse to create the block at this point with a default size, or click and drag to the bottom left corner to define the size of the new block. If you are creating a fixed rule the height is initially 1mm. You can change the height (and hence the thickness of the rule) in the Size and Position fields of the Blocks tab after the block has been created (see “Block Details”).

Note that when a fixed block is created it is assigned a content name which is the same as its name. You can change this to an existing content name in the block details fields or define the content for the new name in the Header & Footer mappings.

[Note] Note

If you have changed the content names of any fixed blocks you must save your layout before these names appear in the Header & Footer mappings. If the mapping editor is open you will also need to reload the layout information.

To remove a block that is no longer required select Remove block from the Edit menu.

To restore a block that was deleted by mistake, choose Restore removed block from the Edit menu and select it from the list.