Block Details

The Blocks tab displays details about a particular block:

The Inherit headers from template and Inherit footers from template checkboxes are only enabled if this page type has a template. See “Fixed Block Inheritance” for information on how these affect the inheritance of fixed blocks.

The block selector is a drop-down list with an entry for each block in the page type. Select a block from the list to display its details. Blocks inherited from a template appear with the name of the template page type in parentheses (e.g. “title (1 column)”).

When a block is selected, the text below the block selector shows its type. It will also indicate if the block has been inherited from a template, in which case it cannot be changed directly.

The Mirror margins checkbox allows you to modify how the position of the block is specified. It is only enabled if the page type has different layouts for left and right pages (Double sided is selected) and there is no page mirroring selected. If the page orientation is Portrait, mirroring is done for the left and right margins; if it is Landscape it is done for the top and bottom margins. For more information, see “Block Mirroring”.

The button is enabled when the selected block is inherited from a template. Pressing this button selects the block in the template so you can change it. Note that the same effect can be achieved by double-clicking the block in the page display.

The Size and Position fields allow you to change the placement of the block as described in “Entering Dimensions”. These fields are disabled if:

The remaining area of this tab shows a different set of fields for each type of block, as described below.