Having Different Left and Right Pages

It is common to have differences between the left and right pages of a publication. For example, you may wish to display the book title at the top of left pages, and the chapter title at the top of each right page.

The default layout assumes each page has the same layout. To allow a different layout on each page, check the Double sided box on the Page tab:

The page type display will change to show two page images. A number of controls are changed as a result of this, such as the options available for fixed blocks on the Blocks tab:

The radio buttons allow you to select which page the fixed block will appear on. You could for example have different size headers on left and right pages by creating two fixed blocks that each appear on only one page.

If you want the fixed block to have the same size and position on both pages, but to have different content, then you can set Pages to All and enter different values for Left content and Right content. It’s a good idea to give the content a name that describes what it displays, as in the figure above.

If you have created new content names, you must use the Header & Footer mappings to define what will be displayed for this content.

[Note] Note

If you have created new content names you must save your layout before these names appear in the Header & Footer mappings. If the mapping editor is open you will also need to reload the layout information.