Set Repository

Library call:
nStatus = TLsetrepository (sPath)


Changes the path to the TopLeaf repository.



The path to the root of the TopLeaf repository. The initial value for the repository location is described in “Repository Location”.

Call Return

The return value is zero if the repository is defined and can be selected, or one of the values listed in Status Codes if not.

[Warning] Warning

This call does not check that the argument points to a valid repository. If the argument points to a valid directory that is not a TopLeaf repository, the call will return success, but the behavior of subsequent API calls is undefined.

For the command line interface, the repository path can be set using the ‑R flag.

If you are using the scripting interface the repository can be set by changing the Repository property.


Library call:

status = TLsetrepository("D:\\TopLeaf");