Set Release Label

Command line:
tlapi ‑cSETREL [‑isRelFile] sPart [sSymb]
Library call:
nStatus = TLsetrel (sPart, sRelFile, sSymb, 0L)
Scripting call:
nStatus = SetReleaseLabel (sSymb)


Set the release label for a partition.



The path of the partition for which the release label is to be set.


A string containing the release label.


The full pathname of a text file containing a single line release label.

For additional command line arguments see “Common Flag Arguments”.


The label string may only contain 7-bit (ascii) characters. Use the XML character reference syntax to specify characters outside this range, or for characters that have special meaning in XML.

You can pass the release label either directly as a string, or indirectly via a text file. The latter is often more convenient for the command line call if the label contains spaces or other characters that are difficult to express on the command line.


Command line:

tlapi ‑cSETREL manuals/topix/vol1 "Release 2b"

Library call:

status = TLsetrel("manuals/topix/vol1", NULL, "Release 2b", 0L);

Scripting call:

stat = topleaf.SetReleaseLabel("Release 2b");