Remove Partition

Command line:
tlapi ‑cRMPART sPart
Library call:
nStatus = TLrmpart (sPart)
Scripting call:
nStatus = RemovePartition (sPart)


Remove a partition from the repository.



The path of the partition to remove.

For the scripting call only, if this is undefined or the empty string, the current partition (see the Partition property) is removed.

For additional command line arguments see “Common Flag Arguments”.

Scripting Call Return

The return value is zero if successful, or one of the values listed in Status Codes if not.


Command line:

tlapi ‑cRMPART "manuals/topix/volume1"

Library call:

status = TLrmpart("manuals/topix/volume1");

Scripting call:

status = topleaf.RemovePartition("");