Leaf Inclusion

Command line:
tlapi ‑cINCLUDE [‑isLeafList] [sPart]
Library call:
nStatus = TLinclude (sPart, 0L, NULL, sLeafList, 64L)
Scripting call:
nStatus = Include (sLeafList)


Set the manual leaf inclusion status for one or more leaves in a full looseleaf partition update.

Leaf inclusion is applied to a leaf when you want to manually force it into an update. This technique can be used to optimise the impact of input changes on the leaf numbering sequence.



The path of the partition into which the leaf inclusions will be applied. The scripting call uses the Partition property to determine the partition to use.


The full pathname to a partition <tl:leaf.list> that declares the manual leaf status for one or more leaves.

For additional command line arguments see “Common Flag Arguments”.


Command line:

tlapi ‑cINCLUDE -iC:/temp/leaflist.xml manuals/topix/volume1

Library call:

status = TLinclude("manuals/topix/volume1", 0L, NULL, "C:\\TEMP\\LEAFLIST.XML", 64L);

Scripting call:

status = topleaf.Include("C:\\TEMP\\LEAFLIST.XML");


Manual leaf inclusions cannot be applied if the partition is a mainwork, edit locked, or commit locked, or in the process of being typeset.

TopLeaf does not create an undo copy of the partition document when you use this function.

[Warning] Warning

Although the <tl:leaf.list> file uses a syntax that is compatible with XML, it is not read using a full XML parser. Do not put anything other than tags and comments in this file, and only use ASCII characters.