Get Print Image

Command line:
tlapi ‑cGETPRNT [‑psPhase] [‑u] [‑qsMask] ‑dsDevice ‑osOutFile sPart
Library call:
nStatus = TLgetprnt (sPart, sPhase, nUpd, sDevice, sOutFile, sMask)


Retrieve the partition print image file for a specified phase. The print image can be selected for the update, publish or current phase. The current phase is whatever phase the partition is currently in.

The returned print image can consist of all pages in the current update, or just those pages which have been modified or included in the current update.

You can further restrict the selection of pages by specifying an indicator selection mask, which restricts the returned page set to those leaves which have been flagged with the specified indicator.

This function is not supported on linux.

[Warning] Warning

The printed output is the same as the page preview, and may not correspond exactly to the stylesheet format. For production output it is recommended that you create a PDF rendition.



The path of the partition for which the print image is to be returned.


The name of the device used to prepare the output. The output file will contain whatever native instructions are used by this device.


The full pathname of the file used to store the output.


The partition phase from which to take the data. One of INITIAL, PUBLISH, UPDATE or CURRENT. Defaults to PUBLISH, so for a non-looseleaf job it is usual to select INITIAL.


An optional indicator selector mask string of the form NAME=VALUE.


If non-zero, only changed pages are included in the output. In the command line version, use the ‑u flag to request only changed pages.

For additional command line arguments see “Common Flag Arguments”.


Command line:

tlapi ‑cGETPRNT ‑pINITIAL ‑d\\server\printer ‑oC:\Temp\out.prn manuals/topix/vol1

Library call:

status = TLgetprnt("manuals/topix/vol1", "INITIAL", 0L, "\\server\printer", "C:\\out.prn", NULL);