Get Leaf Indicators

Command line:
tlapi ‑cGETLIND [‑psPhase] [‑tnScope] [‑u] ‑osOutFile sPart sType
Library call:
nStatus = TLgetlind (sPart, sPhase, sType, nScope, sOutFile)


Extract a set of leaf indicator strings for one or more leaf status file records.



The path of the partition for which the leaf indicators are to be retrieved.


The full pathname of an output file to contain the extracted leaf indicator records. The format of these records is described below. Note that the output file format can be used to set partition leaf indicator strings using Set Leaf Indicators.


The partition phase for which the extraction is required. The selected phase is one of INITIAL, PUBLISH, UPDATE, or CURRENT.


A list of indicator string type codes specifying the set of indicator string types to be extracted. If NULL, then all indicator strings will be extracted from each leaf in the specified leaf scope.


The leaf indicator selection scope. The selection scope has one of the following values:

  extract indicators from all leaf files in the partition
  extract indicators if leaf is in the current update
  extract the first indicator found of the specified indicator type for each leaf file
  extract the first indicator found of the specified indicator type for each leaf file in an update

When using the command line, the ‑u flag has the same effect as setting nScope to the value 1.

For additional command line arguments see “Common Flag Arguments”.

Leaf indicator record format

Leaf indicator records for a partition are updated by one or more leaf indicator records.

Each leaf indicator record is terminated by a CR/LF pair and consists of a number of fields delimited by the field separator character defined for the partition. The field separator character is defined by the partition indicator symbol FSEP, and defaults to a colon (:).

01 char string The leaf filename
02 char string the leaf folio string
03 integer inclusion status (0 = implied, 1 = include)
04 char command operator ('R' = replace)
05 integer leaf indicator array number (1-32,000)
06 char indicator type (alpha, or '-' for default)
07 char string leaf indicator string
Filename The leaf filename is a 14 character representation of the leaf recto base page number and stroke page levels.
Folio string The folio string specifies a recto page folio string.
Inclusion status This value is always 0 (include if changed)
Operator This value is always R (replace indicator in specified array)
Indicator array index number TopLeaf maintains 32,000 leaf indicator strings for each leaf in a partition. The index is in the range 1–32,000.
Indicator string The maximum length of each leaf indicator string is 32,000 characters.


Command line:

tlapi ‑cGETLIND ‑pUPDATE ‑t3 ‑oC:\REVISION.IND manuals/topix/volume1 R

Library call:

status = TLgetlind("manuals/topix/volume1", "UPDATE", "R", 3L, "C:\\REVISION.IND" );