Exit Status

The exit status of the executable indicates whether the operation succeeded, as follows:

Exit Status Meaning
0 operation completed successfully
1 (composition) completed with warnings
2 (composition) completed with errors
3 (composition) terminated abnormally
4 operation failed (see full status code for details)

Note that the POSIX function call to execute a program returns a 16-bit value with the exit status in the top 8 bits. This means that you may need to divide the return value by 256 to get the exit status.

A warning is defined as any condition which may cause data in the output to be incorrectly formatted (for example, a word too large to fit in a table cell).

An error is defined as any condition which may result in data being omitted from the output (such as a graphic that cannot be found).

Use the ‑x argument to obtain the full status code (see Status Codes) via the standard output.