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Ovidius GmbH with headquarters in Berlin (Germany) develops XML based solutions for professional data management in the area of technical documentation. Ovidius targets companies with complex documentation requirements, eg. automotive, mechanical engineering, aerospace and defence, medical engineering and IT companies. Several of Ovidius's solutions include TopLeaf.

Ovidius is a gds company.


In North America, TopLeaf is available through Metaformix Information Systems. Metaformix also offers MetaForms, an integrated document management system. MetaForms provides document management with access to TopLeaf functionality. Metaformix has supplied several systems that include TopLeaf.


Syncro Soft is a software company founded in 1998 with a large area of expertise in XML technologies and single source publishing. Their main product oXygen XML Editor provides excellent coverage of today's XML technologies; it complies with the established standards released by W3C and other organisations and enhances developers and content authors productivity through feature-rich XML authoring and development views. Syncro Soft is a member of the W3C.

Oxygen XML Editor

Turn-Key is an authorised reseller of JustSystems XMetaL, and has collaborated with JustSystems to develop a TopLeaf plugin for XMetal Author Enterprise. The TopLeaf plugin integrates with the XMetaL DITA publishing engine.


DocZone DITA Publisher is a SaaS-based XML component content management system.'s solution is an XML-based system which manages multilingual content and automated production of technical documentation, journals, training manuals, online help, and website content. utilises TopLeaf for automatic PDF production.

eGloo Technologies produce tekReader, an innovative eReader providing a browser-based option for viewing documents on the web. Turn-Key Systems and eGloo have collaborated to produce a single source content delivery solution for small/medium publishing enterprises needing an economical and versatile publishing system that solves the problems of transitioning from paper- to browser-based delivery. TopLeaf and tekReader together can deliver your content as PDF, RTF, eBook format and via tekReader's complete content delivery and subscription management service.


Turn-Key Systems (based in Sydney, Australia) has been developing software for the publishing industry for more than 20 years.

TopLeaf is the result. It is designed to be used by authors and technical writers. It requires little or no programming skill, and offers maximum power and flexibility for minimum cost.